Do I have to use or avoid specific products to use the Nylex Domestic Sewage Treatment System process units?

There is no way to be delicate about this. You will need to find an alternative means of disposal for hard waste like disposable nappies, nappy wipes – even the “flushable” ones, condoms, tampons or other personal sanitary items.

They cannot be disposed of into the system without a degree of risk to the pumps.

It is advisable to use commercial cleaning agents that are environmentally benign. Chlorine, bleaches, antibacterial cleaning agents, antibiotics or other poisons can harm the active bacterial agents of the process. Isolated inadvertent use of of these dangerous substances may hamper but will not permanently damage the process. The Nylex Domestic Sewage Treatment System process features fail safes that in most cases of serious accidental poisoning will maintain the standard of effluent required.


I already have a existing septic system, can I retro fit the Nylex Domestic Sewage Treatment System process to it?

Yes, The Nylex Domestic Sewage Treatment Retrofit system can be installed with or without your existing septic tank, but a site inspection by a qualified person, would be advised.


I am about to start building, what size system do I need?

Nylex has a system to suit any size installation. Refer to the daily ratings for the various units. Typically a standard 3 – 4 bedroom house will require a standard Nylex Domestic Sewage Treatment System. Houses of more than 5 bedrooms and up to 28 occupants will require a larger system.


I own a 5 bedroom home and am installing a granny flat on the property, do I need to upgrade the septic system?

A Nylex Domestic Sewage Treatment System consultant can advise on the likely requirements of your local council. A site inspection will be necessary to assess the capability of your existing system prior to planning.


I have a existing septic system that has failed, why should I install a Nylex Domestic Sewage Treatment System?

Firstly, you will be able to re-use between 500 – 1000 litres of quality treated waste water on your garden. Secondly, you will be purchasing a state of the art system, that uses ozone technology and requires less maintenance, does not use chemicals or chlorine in process and eliminates smells that are normally associated with septic tanks.


Is the Wet Innovations EPA approved?

EPA approval has been achieved in Victoria and Tasmania.

EPA approval in NSW and South Australia is expected to follow late in 2013.