What do I need to do before my Nylex tank is delivered?

  • Nylex delivery vehicles can exceed 19 metres in length – check to make sure there is sufficient room for the truck to manoeuvre
  • Nylex drivers will make every effort to unload your tank as near as possible to the tank’s final location
  • If you need to lift the tank over obstructions, you will need to organise a crane and have it on site during delivery
  • DownUnda tanks require a crane for delivery and installation
  • Nylex provide a driver only so you will need 1 additional person for tanks up to 13,500 litres, 2 people for tanks from 13,500 – 22,700 litres and 3 people for tanks greater than 22,700 litres
  • Once the tank has been delivered it is important that you secure it immediately to prevent injury – tie it down with rope or wire or add water as ballast.

PLEASE NOTE: Given the size of rainwater tanks and the length of our delivery truck and trailer combinations, Nylex is governed by strict Over Dimensional Load regulations. Therefore delivery restrictions and charges may apply depending on the size of the tank and your location. Customers in remote locations should confirm the availability and cost of deliveries when placing a tank order. Your Nylex dealer will be able to provide you with these details.