Do I have to use or avoid specific products to use the Nylex Domestic Sewage Treatment System process units?

There is no way to be delicate about this. You will need to find an alternative means of disposal for hard waste like disposable nappies, nappy wipes – even the “flushable” ones, condoms, tampons or other personal sanitary items.

They cannot be disposed of into the system without a degree of risk to the pumps.

It is advisable to use commercial cleaning agents that are environmentally benign. Chlorine, bleaches, antibacterial cleaning agents, antibiotics or other poisons can harm the active bacterial agents of the process. Isolated inadvertent use of of these dangerous substances may hamper but will not permanently damage the process. The Nylex Domestic Sewage Treatment System process features fail safes that in most cases of serious accidental poisoning will maintain the standard of effluent required.