Getting Technical

The Australian and New Zealand standard, AS/NZS 1546.3:2001 On-site Domestic Wastewater Treatment Units, defines the required quality requirements of water left at the end of a treatment process.

• Equal to or less than 20 mg/l biological oxygen demand
— which is the level of nutrients left in the water.

• Equal to or less than 30 mg/l suspended solids
— which is how much dirt is left.

Independent tests show the Domestic Sewage Treatment System performs, on average, 55% and 90% better on the two vital measures.

The Nylex Domestic Sewage Treatment System is an Aerated Waster Treatment System designed to treat 2250 litres (10EP) of domestic waste per day.

How it works

The Nylex Domestic Sewage Treatment System combines traditional waste treatment processes with state-of-the-art separation and oxidation technologies, known as ozofractionation and biological aeration, to produce the most effective and biologically sound units of their kind.


Rules & regulations

Local governments across Australia have different regulations when it comes to onsite domestic waste water management plants, so consultation is essential. Where aerated waste treatment systems are allowed, the Nylex Domestic Sewage Treatment System is the superior choice.