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The name Nylex is a famous Australian brand synonymous with quality and reliability and sits high amongst this country’s most iconic. With that in mind, you can be rest assured that your rainwater tank carrying the Nylex logo will mean you are the proud owner of a tank that holds water in more ways than one.


From beginning to end, I was profoundly impressed by the professionalism and efficiency demonstrated throughout my Nylex Rainwater Tank project. The team displayed exceptional attention to detail, guaranteeing that my rainwater tank complied with all the necessary standards and was installed correctly. Indeed, I was so pleased with their workmanship that I have already recommended them to numerous friends and colleagues!

Jeff, New Home Buyer

From start to finish, I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and speed at which My Nylex Rainwater Tank project was handled. Their team exhibited a fantastic attention to detail, ensuring that my rainwater tank met all the necessary requirements and was properly installed. In fact, I was so impressed with their work that I've already recommended them to several friends and colleagues!

Marg, Farmer

From the get-go, I was totally chuffed with how professional and quick the team was in getting my slimline water tank sorted. They were bang on with the details, making sure it wasn't just up to scratch but also fitted perfectly at my place. Their top-notch work has made me happy to give them a shout-out to heaps of mates and work pals!

Highly recommend!

Kev, Cordae


Designed & built in Australia for tough Australian conditions


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About Nylex

Nylex is an iconic Australian brand associated with quality and reliability. Your rainwater tank bearing the Nylex logo indicates that you own a tank that is more than just a mere container of water. It speaks to the promise of longevity and value that accompanies the name.

We have built with the commitment of standards that makes Nylex what it was back then, and what it is today, a water solution recognised for its good design and sustainability.

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All Nylex rainwater tanks are designed with the Australian conditions in mind. Nylex tanks are manufactured from UV (ultra violet) stabilised food grade materials for the storage of cool, fresh and hygienic rainwater all year round.

From Slimline Water Tanks to Underground and Round, we have an impressive range of quality that meets practicality and conservation.

Our rainwater tanks also come fitted with a leaf strainer, overflow, outlet or gate valve making them maintenance free. Tanks that are 5000 litres and below have spin welds.

At Nylex, you cannot only find a rainwater tank to suit your needs, you will also have the peace of mind that comes with the Nylex brand. Our company is managed and certified to the ISO9001:2015 international Quality Management Systems standard and our tanks are manufactured and certified to Australian Polyethylene tank standard AS4766.